Nobody Reads Your Battlecards?
Use a better format!

  • Build Your First Battle Card to win more deals
  • Create Your Comparison Table to differentiate yourself from the competitors
  • Re-use it for all your other products or departments

Enable Your Sales Teams to Win More Deals

One Battlecard to Rule Them All

Enable Your Sales Team

Help your sales teams close more deals with competitive intel battlecard

Align departments about your product's pillar messaging with product comparison table.

Achieve Clarity

Identify your product strengths and know exactly what to say when a prospect mentions your competitor.

Find Your Strengths


Get the Competitive Intel Battle card, High Level overview, and Detailed positioning fill-in-the-blank template.

The G+S Battle Card Template Pack

High Level Overview

Quick Alignment. Get a quick lookup at your main competitor, and learn the key differences in seconds. No more shuffling and googling during a sales call.

The Ultimate Battlecard

One Battle Card to Rule Them All. One slide that covers everything from pricing, framework, strength & weakness, objection handling, discovery questions to ask, and stats to support your arguments.

Detailed Positioning

Make your sales team confident so they can close more deals. With detailed positioning overview against the competitor, your sales teams will know exactly how to lead the conversation and build trust with their prospects.

Happy clients

Grow + Scale is instrumental for any compete, product marketing or sales program looking to be on the cutting edge of content quality and delivery - and guaranteed to enable your sellers to win more.

Clara Smyth, CI Director

The name Grow + Scale says it all, they are not a vendor, they are a trusted partner and advisor. No idea is too big or too small. The Grow + Scale team approaches every request with consistent enthusiasm, urgency, and attention to detail.

Jen Jones, GTM Lead @ Slack

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